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Painting on the Prairie

De Smet, South Dakota

Situated in the heart of the prairied midwest on native Dakota lands,         De Smet and surroundings areas have  always offered captivating landscapes.


The contrast between a thriving community and pioneer environment add a breath of inspiration to artists from all backgrounds.


We invite you to enjoy the wide open prairie and historic sites as you visit and paint the vistas of De Smet, South Dakota during Painting on the Prairie

De Smet

South Dakota

Harvey Dunn.jpg

After School

Harvey Dunn


Depot Museum  

Harvey Dunn Schoolhouse


De Smet grew along the rail line.  Now the history of De Smet is alive in the Depot Museum.  


Check out the restored country school house that Harvey Dunn attended and later painted in After School


Laura Ingalls Wilder

Living in De Smet provided Laura Ingalls Wilder inspiration for 5 of her books including "Little Town On The Prairie".  

So much to see!  Please visit these sites to learn more:  Discover Laura


Laura Ingalls Wilder

Source: Wikipedia

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